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Bog Bar™ - Subwoofer With Bluetooth Connectivity

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The Ultimate Soundbar For All Your Devices

The BogBar produces high-end surround sound of the home theater that speaks into a compact soundbar so you can enjoy quality sound wherever you are!

Featuring Wired or Bluetooth connectivity

The BogBar features various adapters to choose from to ensure compatibility for most plug-and-play Devices. The BogBar creates the crystalized sound you can enjoy at home or outdoors.

BogBars' premium aesthetic puts most home theaters to shame with its unparalleled convenience, compatibility, and unrivaled versatility! 

What You'll Love

  • Unrivaled immersion- For its size, BogBar delivers strong bass and high-pitched realistic sound that will leave you immersed in the beat!

  • Portable home theater- Enjoy a movie with someone close. Turn up the volume and Allow the Speakers to build the scene!

  • Always tuned- Whether you are on your phone, laptop, or tablet, you can still connect wirelessly to the BogBar for Dynamic Sounds.

  • BogBar is the ultimate choice- Immerse yourself in any movie or song anywhere anytime and within seconds turn any destination into a portable home theater!


  • Immersive 360° stereo surround sound. Dual full frequency sound unit + double bass sound guide hole.
  • Independent volume adjustment
  • Anti-magnetic technology bid farewell to electromagnetic interference of mobile phones and computers
  • Widely compatible, 3.5mm jack, computer / mobile phone/TV available
  • Full-range speaker
  • Cloth texture design
  • Wired/Bluetooth connectivity


  • Colors Available: White / Black 
  • Product size: 415*78*68mm
  • Speaker specifications: Dual Speakers
  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥80dB
  • Audio input: AUX / Bluetooth Wireless
  • Charging interface: USB Interface

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