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Bog's™- LED Parasol

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Stay Alert, Stay Dry

This Led Parasol is unmatched for its resistance to harsh winds and heavy storms! Sturdy enough to survive a hurricane yet big enough for two people to share comfortably. 

Thanks to its inverted design, the LED Parasol keeps its wet surface on the inside when closed to ensure quicker evaporation and needless wet spots when entering a room. Staying dry while being courteous has never been easier!

Equipped with an LED flashlight, reflective loop, and reinforced frame, you can rest assured no weather condition will catch you Lacking (pun intended). With BoG's LED Parasol, Enjoy durability, comfortability, and security like never before.

What You'll Love

  • A beacon of light- Even in the darkest night, Bog's Parasol flashlight and the reflective loop will keep you safe from vehicles and help you navigate the terrain comfortably and safely!
  • Unwavering protection- Reinforced with steel, The Parasol withstands the heavy winds and mighty storms to keep you safe in any weather condition you might find yourself in!
  • Drips Are Gone: The Parasol keeps raindrops inside when folded so you can carry the umbrella comfortably after use! It evaporates drips quickly since it's insulated inside and never spreads!
  • Bog's LED Parasol is the ultimate choice- Going out in the harshest weather is never ideal, which is why we crafted this Parasol to at least make it bearable.

Steps To Close The Umbrella

  1. Press the switch, and the umbrella surface is in a collapsed state.

  2. The top of the umbrella is on the ground.

  3. Hold the handle and press it quickly. Do not press the switch again during this process.

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